What can concerned citizens, parents, businesses and educators do to support the objectives of the BCCSL?

• Visit your school library. Use our Does your child have a good school library? card to get answers to specific questions on budgets, professional teacher-librarian staff time, opening hours, etc.

• If you find interesting statistics or tales, please send them to contact@bccsl.ca for inclusion on the BCCSL website.

• Meet with the school principal to express your concerns.

• Write to your MLA expressing your concern about the state of school libraries in the province. (See sample letter below)

• Encourage the editor of your local paper to run a story on your local school library.

• Circulate our brochure Does your child have a good school library? to parents and other concerned citizens.

• Join your school’s Parent Advisory Committee and make sure the school library is on the agenda.

• Help us with our membership drive. Information and membership forms are on our website at www.bccsl.ca.

• Ask your local Rotary, Kinsmen or Lions Club to invite a school librarian to talk about the issues.

• On the Australian School Library Association at www.asla.org.au interested persons may find an excellent Advocate Guide, which will help those with concerns about the state of our school libraries in sending accurate and powerful messages to our community leaders.

Write to your MLAs

Find your MLA at: www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm






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